Saturday, August 29, 2009

music machines contest sketches & notes

Materials used
• Acrylics & matte medium
• Prismacolor pencils and graphite

This was my first sketch for the
music machines
challenge. The premise
of the comp was to illustrate a Music Machine
based on the criteria RB supplied the participants
I think i should have just scanned
this initial design concept :P lol.
but. . .

then i drew this little guy . . .

& I found my self torn & decided to merge the 2 ideas

in the illustration below.

and this is the result "Music Machine Mountain". . .


Andrew Smith said...

Hey Erica,
How are you? This stuff is really, really good. Do I see some Takashi Murakami influence? Anyway, we ought to hang out sometime. I dont have too many artist friends now that I quit school :P

diget said...

u quit? Yeah i saw the influence after it was completed lol :P. . .
Just Let me know when u want to hang out shorty :) miss ya