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Model in Character

It is one thing to get up in front of strangers, but it
takes a special person to go the extra mile to
transform themselves for the sake of a student.
Modeling is difficult we would pose for one another
if a model was running late & it was torture it was
a constant 80-90 degrees under those lights.
As our Life drawing class played a game of
"hit or miss" this model in particular would dress
up as Sherlock Holmes or a chief. No matter how
hot it was under those lights he was a trooper and
a joy to draw :) here is a link to heri he has some
cool renderings of the same model :)


Sketches in graphite & Drawings in Charcoal

Sketch book page
Seeb and my hand 9x 12

Maritza in various poses 18x24

Lynn with 2 lights on a stool 18x24


Monday, September 04, 2006

Vince Lounging

My brother Vince drawn with
pastels on water color paper . . .

-Erica :)

7 cubes

Class assignment 7 cubes
in different positions. . .
watercolor and graphite

-Erica :)