Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sticky Sue

PB & J sanwich & sticky Sue sketched
and colored in painter. & posted on
Illustration Friday.



Bron Smith said...

You have a very cute style. I'll look for more of your work on IF.

L. A. Stern said...

Your drawings are fabulous! The one thing I would say is the pink background really takes away from the high quality of this rendering.

Erica said...

-Bron Smith
Thank You! It was so much fun coming up with an image for the theme. I really look forward to posting again :)
p.s. Your illustrations great the ladybug is my favorite!

-L. A. Stern
i took yur advice and have a version of the Graphic sans bubble gum background :) & took a moment to visit your blog . . .
Your Rederings/sketch book entries are beautiful!

- Erica

Roz Foster said...

Adorable. Love those violet eyes!

SouthernZonie said...

I really like your Painter renderings. I am still working with Painter trying to figure it all out--seems like you have!

michael dailey said...

she really knows how to enjoy the basics (PB n J) in life lol cute illo nice work on matching her eyes with the jam